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    week 31

    short blogpost of what has happened the last couple of weeks

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  • weekly update

    Week 21

    After a productive week it’s finally time to relax and write a bit. I finished two mixed media comissions. (high quality images will follow) They arrived at their new forever home today and the owners are really happy with it! their reaction and emotions are the reason why I’m so happy with doing what I am doing. It really is something I’m grateful for, every single time. There’s still one more dog that I’m going to draw for them, but I wanted to make some photographs of him first. A story of them will follow soon! I’ve also finished a new abstract painting and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Used metallic acrylics on…

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    A new chapter!

    My new website is a fact! I’ve been working on it for a few hours now and it’s far from being finished, but I just wanted to inform you that mayor updates are coming soon. (You can see a preview of my portfolio’s under the Drawings tab: https://www.irenesway.com/drawings/ ) Thanks for stopping by and make sure to return once its officially up to date! Irene