weekly update

week 31

Time is flying! And what a month it was! Juli, the month that the new season of Stranger Things came out. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would definitly recommend it to you. The vibe, music, clothing, visuals, and the story is great! not yet talking about all the laughs and eventually tears that come with it.

Juli was also the month of extreme heat here in the netherlands. Temperature Records were broken and we even hit the 40 degrees celcius. Not so fun… Luckily these days are over. The sun is still shining, but now it’s bearable.

These past weeks I’ve been working a lot on comissions and drawings. I enjoyed every single one of them. They are all uploaded on my website now so you can find them on my drawing page.

Next to drawing, I’m also getting into making selfportraits. It’s really fun to do and it’s challenging at the same time. Might go deeper into this subject in the future. Here is one of the selfportraits I took this month:

Selfportrait. I'm changing my wardrobe a bit with 80s clothing. Oh and can you tell I'm a stranger things fan?
Selfportrait 80s style. I’m slowely changing my wardrobe into the stuff that I really like.

well, thats it for now! it’s time to get back to work. Don’t forget to like my facebook page and follow me on instagram if you like my work. your support means a lot to me. You can find the links below.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, and for the peeps wo are having summer vacation, ENJOY.