The Story

Hi there! My name is Irene Mazzarella and I am a self taught artist located in the eastern part of The Netherlands.


A few years ago I focused mainly on photography, but this has changed since I started drawing when I turned 20 years old. I really fell in love with art and I couldn't make a decision between one or another. So why not combine them? That's when I came up with a new idea for a website: Irene's Way. About the creative things I'm doing my way. I love to go on hikes and exploring new places, especially with my favourite furry friend, Roma. We enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis for many hours.


The idea behind this website is to highlight my art and save my favourite moments. The website will undergo some changes in the long run as my thoughts become more clearly.The goal is to use my own photographs as references for my drawings. More about this, as soon as possible.

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