About me

Hello to you! My name is Irene Mazzarella and I'm a young self thaught artist located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. (Yes I'm dutch, with Italian roots.)

A few years ago I focused mainly on photography, but this has changed since I started drawing 3 years ago when I turned 20 years old. I really fell in love with art and I couldn't make a decision between one or another. So why not combine them? That's when I came up with a new idea for a website: Irene's Way. About the creative things I'm doing my way.It makes me really happy to go after my passions and dreams and I am really thankful for everyone who supported me and my work. I do takmae comissions once in a while on my terms. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.Next to this I love to travel and visit new places. Walking, especially with my favorite friend & dog, so you can guess that we walk a few hours every single day. Exercise is definitely an important part of my daily life, I'm doing this around 6 days a week (how intense varies day by day.), It helps me to create a nice balance in my life, physical as well as mental. And did I mention baking? well, I love to bake cookies, breads etc, especially on rainy days! So, enough about me and my hobbies, I might share more in my future blogposts. Thank you for taking some of your time to look at my website! Irene