How it started

Drawing was always something I really liked to do. When I was around 15/16 years old, I lost my interest in it and it made me feel really frustrated. This made me quit drawing for years until I was 21 years old. It felt like I had to do something different. And soon after thinking in this way, there was a video that I have seen and changed my life. It was about a young self thaught artist and she made these hyperrealistic portrait drawings with colored pencils, it was incredible. of course, I wanted to do something like that to. I did some research on the materials she used and decided to buy these really expensive color pencils from Caran d’Ache. After finishing my first drawing with these pencils, I knew that this was really my dream. It made me so happy and since that time I was determined not to stop.

How it all started: My very first color pencil drawing made in 2016! I might be redrawing this one to see how much has changed.

My drawings have improved a lot since then. I really love to see how this line is going up all the time. Next to that, I’m now working with lots of different mediums because it helps to keep me productive. (If I’m getting a bit bored or lazy doing that one thing all the time, I’ll switch to another medium.) You can see some of my work by clicking here.


Now you might be interested in the acrylic paintings. Well, for me this is a perfect way to do something where I don’t have to think about how it’s going to look. I’m just going with the flow and I enjoy the progress about this big question mark that comes up everytime. How is it going to look? Click here to see what I am talking about.